Adobe Audition CC 2014 download free torrent

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Adobe Audition CC 2014 download free torrent

Adobe Audition CC 2014

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Adobe Audition CC 2014

Adobe Audition starts being mentioned as a cool audio editor Cool Edit Pro, while Adobe saw it to create big money in the music software.

Strong record set

Adobe Audition – this mehrspurigenAufnahmestudio, which offers all the intricacies you can expect from Adobe products leaving newcomersEmbraced in complete technical jargon. After the initial installation, Adobe Audition searches for compatible audio formats on your hard disk, but asks kakieTipy files dieSie you want to connect to it. Otherwise, the program will detect any sound file on your hard disk, which meansYour Adobe Audition Library is an unsettled chaos.

The Adobe Audition interface is clean. Each window has tabs tabs files, Effects, Main and Mixer are separate and easy to return. If you do not like the layout, Adobe has the option provided to unlock the slab far to the right and moveOf the window to mesto.Vy your own environment, as the Model model speichernin according to the type of project you work with.

To describe all the editing capabilities, Adobe Audition, you need to go to fine technical layout and compression of sound but there areFour basic ways on which you umgehen.Die first – a display shape signal that shows the waveform in graphical form. Secondly, this is Spectral indicating the frequency range of the flowers graphically. LogarifmicheskiyDispley does the same, but obviously shows the waveforms as a logarithm. AboutStereo Spectral production there, and Spectral Phase Display that lets you sync stereo.

Just editing cut and paste

The actual editing in Adobe Audition is done, proven by FunktionenAusschneiden and inserted in most audio editing programsAnd video. They just mark the places to enter and exit and cut and paste sounds as long as you want. Despite the fact that the program is much more advanced than this because it is visible in order to create rhythmic beats and rhythms and thus a starting point.

To useThis feature, you have to spend a lot of time studying a guide (which, fortunately, very clear and detailed). You can also verwendenein a relatively new feature in the audio editing area, which is called frequency editing, which means you can editSome frequencies, not the whole wave. To bend TamTakzhe, of course, many effects that you can apply in sounds can range from complex distortion specific frequencies.

As with the whole range of Adobe products, the Adobe Audition part of Creative Cloud, you can offline and work offline. The newestAdobe version also has multi-leveled verbessertBearbeitung, has new effects and improved noise reduction. Also recently added to the Phase Vendor fix tool support for VSTi virtual tools and built-in surround sound support. The highway designated for processing has been improvedWith a group to save time and sequence of videos in multi-channel view. From here you can cut easily and fade. You can also record all audio files with certain file formats, locations, file name templates, and more.

Take a look: To reallyTo get the most out of Adobe Audition, you’re pretty good at sound card. For those supported by MIDI, Adobe Audition does not offer much that many users report this as one of the most confusing aspects of Programmseinzustellen.

Very polished record set

Adobe Audition – very modernProgram only for those seriously engaged in the production of audio tracks with several songs. If you are looking for a simple sound editor, it is to be disappointed an extended option, and you will do it. Ask to do when you get the first steps in professional editing,Extended support AdobeRukovodstvo ensure you the best of this complex and rich program.


Letzteein main upgrade of Adobe Audition has been expanded into the functionality and performance of video editing to improve. This was an improved user interface that alreadyHas HiPI support, extended video format support, and improved speech control.

More enhancements include better video support files and Soundbooth dobavleniePodderzhka iXML.

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